Throughout its great history, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has proven successful in managing crises ably everywhere, at any time, and has the keys to success in every crisis or pandemic.

The keys to success for the Kingdom in crises did not come from a vacuum, but rather a history of experiences, dealings and experiences in various fields, whether health, economic, and others.

A summit in the successes that are achieved in every crisis narrated for generations, and a summit in humanity that addressed its battle against Corona, where its efforts culminated in humanitarian actions to stand alongside the citizen and the resident. Human crowds from all over the world every year managed by Saudi Arabia successfully, and natural disasters represented in the Seoul Jeddah disaster, and other health represented by Corona Middle East, up to the Corona pandemic that tops the global scene now, and both were dealt with remarkably successfully. When the star of Corona dawned on the Chinese lands, the kingdom took its precautionary plans after wide meetings by the authorities concerned with facing the crisis, amid an integrated system of government agencies, and a follow-up from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman – may God protect them -.

Experiences and a remarkable Saudi government integration in the framework of the integration of government agencies to confront the Corona virus (COFED-19), obtained local and international praises for controlling this global pandemic.

The first steps of government integration began with the development of strategic plans to confront the virus before its arrival in Saudi Arabia, and implementation of the emergency plans to the fullest starting from the evacuation of Saudi nationals around the world, and ending with confronting cases of injuries, health isolation, and other necessary precautions taken by the Saudi leadership to protect citizens and residents from Commentary on education, government headquarters, the private sector, and the suspension of international and domestic flights.

Between government agencies and the private sector, harmony in the face of the pandemic has been completed, everyone according to its specialization, curfew and various contributions for all sectors, community awareness, and direct follow-up by the wise leadership of these efforts.

In the battle against Corona, the Saudi leadership did not forget the human side, as the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz had a paternal gesture towards non-Saudis on the territory of the Kingdom, by issuing his order to treat all residents in government and private hospitals, as it had an international resonance This confirms the humanitarian work of these countries in all situations and crises.

While the positions of integration continued for the government efforts, the General Administration of Education announced that Jeddah put all its human capabilities, its facilities from educational buildings, transportation means of buses and service crews, at the disposal of the Ministry of Health represented in the Directorate of Health Affairs in Jeddah, as a contribution to counter the Corona virus.

The aspects of cooperation between Jeddah Education and the Health Affairs Directorate included providing more than 40 buses, in addition to providing facilities for each of the student houses, the scout camp, and all educational buildings and facilities to benefit from them by health, as well as carrying out continuous awareness for male and female students through various school social media.

The Director General of Jeddah Education, Dr. Saad Al-Masoudi, explained that it is in line with the wise guidance of rational leadership, the unlimited support that it provided to besiege and eliminate the epidemic, and the directions of the Minister of Education and a sense of social responsibility. Community awareness and cooperation.



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